Here’s How to Get Whitelisted for D/NFTs — and Step Into the Future of Digital Assets

Meet our D/NFT collection. Find out more below and at

So the most active members of the D/Bond community have the chance to mint a D/NFT worth $1,000 — even for free.

Just head to our Discord server (click on the invitation link: and complete a few simple social media tasks as many times as possible. You will compete with other community members: those who finish on the top will be able to mint D/NFTs for free or at discounted prices.

The four stages of D/NFT release: whitelisting, pre-sale, mystery box reveal, public sale

Stage 1: Whitelisting — until 29 August 2022

This is when your activity in our community can get you the most.

we offer up to 100% discount on the NFT minting price — in exchange for a number of tasks a user accomplishes.

As the top 500 most active members of the D/Bond will receive discounts, here’s a list detailing what activity earns you how much discount:

Stage 2: Pre-sale — from 29 August to 26 September 2022

This next stage is the time when everyone can start minting their D/NFTs — as mystery boxes to be fully revealed a few days later after the end of the pre-sale.

Stage 3: Mystery box reveal — on 26 September 2022

Just sit back and relax. The D/Bond team will reveal to you the look of your very own D/NFTs.

Stage 4: Public sale — from 26 September on

D/NFTs go public! No more discounts, though: their price will be determined at 10 DGovs, D/Bond’s governance tokens. As 1 DGov equals $100, the value of your D/NFT will start at $1000.

The four utility classes: 3, 2, 1,… liftoff!

But what is all of this good for?

Step into the Future with D/Bond

The future is always unpredictable. But you can feel hopeful about it if you have solid foundations, a clear and relentless background. This is what D/Bond aims to provide en masse: the future of finance for the many. The gateway to a decentralised future for all.



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