Introducing the D/Bond Public Ambassador Programme

  • Web3 and DeFi enthusiasts,
  • Web2 individuals transitioning into Web3,
  • developers,
  • working professionals,
  • local influencers in various regions,
  • community managers.
  • writing and publishing plagiarism-free articles and blogs;
  • creating genuine support and engagement on our project’s social media channels;
  • creating unique designs and logos in-line with D/Bond’s branding guidelines;
  • organising events such as podcasts, webinars, and offline meetups in local communities;
  • those with developer-related knowledge can assist in testing our products, detecting bugs, and contributing relevant ideas;
  • creating and managing local communities and channels in their respective languages;
  • translating official documents and content from into local languages;
  • creating high-quality video content relevant to D/Bond and its products.

Click here to apply to our public ambassador program

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  • check out our Website to learn more about decentralised bonds;
  • join our Telegram and Discord communities to Discuss D/Bond and our products;
  • take a look at our GitHub repository to see what we’ve been up to;
  • check out our Pitch Deck to learn more about us;
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