So It’s Official

We honour the company’s registered headquarters in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Estionia is a leading eastern European start-up nation on the rise in digital technology following decades of Soviet occupation. See more at
Vincent van Gogh — Starry Night (1889) (Source: Wikimedia)
Franz Marc — The First Animals (1913) (Source:
Kazimir Malevich — Suprematism with Blue Triangle and Black Square (1915)
Swiss design is an obvious inspiration for us. It is simple, transparent, and easy-to-understand. The country’s trusted, traditional financial industry — even if often rightfully criticised — also provides a connotation that we rely on. (Source:
We have been thoroughly impressed by the Barcelona-based Diatomic Studio’s mesmerising pattern experiments.
A bold typeface for a bold mission.
Slash/Oblique. A simple, yet powerful line.
Just a few simple lines can convey complex thoughts and ideas. Liquidity pool, anyone?



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