The Decentralized Bond Protocol Debond Enters Into A Strategic Partnership With Bixin Ventures

Today we can’t wait to share the exciting news that Debond Protocol has received strategic backing from Bixin Ventures, one of the industry’s leading investors. Bixin Ventures officially joined our seed round as an early backer. We are very encouraged by this collaboration and look forward to the future development of Debond.

About the Bixin Ventures

Founded in 2014 by Wu Gang, who has been involved in bitcoin since 2009, Bixin Group has more than 1 million registered users for its wallet business, more than 300 megawatt-hours of mining and more than 2.5 percent of the computing power of the bitcoin network. It is currently one of the most famous Bitcoin wallet providers and mining pool operators in Asia.

Bixin Ventures was founded by Bixin Group in 2017 to build and invest in decentralized network critical infrastructure. Through its own strong resource background and deep insight into the blockchain industry, to provide professional guidance and support to partners. In its four years of existence, Bixin Ventures has helped and invested in dozens of companies, including Star projects like Mina Protocol, Arweave, Algorand, CasperLabs, and Star Atlas, Bixin Ventures has become one of the top investors in the blockchain industry.

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About the Debond Protocol

There has been a lack of truly decentralized bond products in the Defi market due to the lack of standards and infrastructure suitable for bonds. As a pioneer in creating a fully decentralized bond ecosystem, Debond has proposed the ERC-3475 standard specifically for bond ecology, and based on this standard, plans to build ecological product support for the industry, adding an important link to the stable and prosperous blockchain economic system. We offer a DEX Wallet based on the ERC-3475 standard, as well as visual bond design tools. Any institution or individual can design their own bond product to raise capital through a visual programming interface with very low technical barriers.

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Decentralised bonds — for a more efficient and stable DeFi. Website: Telegram:

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Decentralised bonds — for a more efficient and stable DeFi. Website: Telegram:

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